The New Sleek Hollywood Design

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The New Sleek Hollywood Design

Welcome to our new blog.

This week we are exploring our new Hollywood Design. The design mixes new sleek lines, giving a clean modern edge.

The Hollywood  was recently launched into our Peter Guild range. It has a really simple, stylish look about it with a clean line. A number of the Hollywoods have been manufactured and delivered over the last few weeks and we can honestly say they are simply stunning. Customers have been chosing from the large range of fabrics available and one order went out  in a burnt orange silk effect – absolutely stunning really giving the design a contemporary twist.

The Hollywood has proved extremely popular with all of our retailers and the customers visiting the stores! If you are looking for a clean and simple design which is truly stunning the Hollywood is for you.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help with any queries. Also be sure to visit our sister site we have different designs with Steed Upholstery all still handmade in the same Factory.


Harriet Steed

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